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*I need to vent*

February 1, 2021

It’s the last day of Spanish hunting season, which means that around 100,000 galgos hounds will be shot, abandoned, or sometimes quite brutally murdered because they’re now considered worthless. 

I’m trying really hard not to turn this into a rant, but fuck, I’ve seen a few things today that have pissed me off so badly. Even though I look to the social structures that cause people to behave cruelly: capitalism reduces every action, every product and every life to € $ £ and in doing so the value of our own lives become so vastly Worth Less.

But hang on a minute. We’re able to look to others for guidance when it justifies being a shit – ‘someone else is also being a shit so it’s not just me, therefore I can quite comfortably continue with being a shit.’ This shows that when we want to see outside of our own bubble we absolutely can do. 

As an aside I saw a meme today that basically justifies going out and eating any old shit meat because they had a photo of a Mongolian hawk hunter wearing furs with the idea that ‘if he’s eating meat then I certainly can too’. MATE, you are not that indigenous man, you are the twat queuing up for THIRTY MINUTES at a shitty Macdonalds drive thru for a Big Mac. Let’s have a bit of perspective here. 

We’re all a work in progress. I’m trying really hard to remind myself that it’s not my place to dictate anybody’s timeline to learning, and this world is SO FUCKED that even when we’re trying our best there’s always some other way we didn’t even realise we were causing harm.  I get that.

I accept that we can only do so much. That if we can change the lives of the few people/beings around us by sorting our own shit out and not spewing a load of toxic emotions out into the world then perhaps that is enough. 

But fuck, if we could definitely REALLY try with just one simple thing AND JUST STOP KILLING EVERYTHING like we have the right to take lives because we are NOT FUCKING SUPERIOR – most of us couldn’t survive for more than 24hrs in the wild in winter (something a tiny sparrow manages every fucking day) which I think proves how unexceptional and unremarkable we really are. 

If we could just stop expanding our wants and instead start to make some room in the world for all the others whose lives are just as important, that would be such an amazing start. 

Ok rant over. 

And I appreciate that this isn’t even directed you on here because we’ve got a nice little co-creating thing going on in these squares, I just needed to get that off my chest, so here’s a photo of Bonnie the rescue hound from her walk today that made me smile. 

Thank you. That is all. 

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