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Can I apply for European citizenship yet?

March 13, 2019

Today we wait to discover how UK MPs will vote on our position in Europe. I can’t believe our political system has descended into this farce. Our van travels are in part a protest against Brexit; travelling and meeting people from all over Europe who are bemused at our current political situation has only cemented my feelings of being utterly depressed over it all. I don’t use this blog to be overly confrontational, preferring instead to let my life speak for herself, but in a time that feels increasingly fragmented and at the mercy of America’s politicking I believe that Europe offers stability and friendship. Is the EU perfect? Absolutely not, and I believe a proper socialist Labour, led by Jeremy Corbyn, could really make a difference in European policy, but the UK left are deluding themselves about a left-exit because these are not the reasons why most people voted for Brexit. They voted on a platform of fear and deceit dreamed up by right-wing politicians and lobbyists in Westminster who do not care for Wales, the U.K. or anybody earning less than a million pounds a year. They told outright lies – yes Bojo you massive fucking clown you did ? – or they somehow convinced the working classes that the people best to speak from our experience are Victorian dad Rees-Mogg and the poshest motherfucker around Nigel Farage, both who would bring back hanging and workhouses for the poor in the blink of an eye. How did this happen? Wales needs to be free of this gerrymandering so that we can begin to build a future that is right for us, not one dictated by Westminster cronies. Europe is beautiful and contrary and culturally diverse and difficult and I love being part of her. Wishing today I could apply for European citizenship.

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