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When the voices are at peace

April 28, 2020

I think the internal struggle is the hardest because it’s the one we find most difficult to articulate. It’s the place perhaps where we need the most help but no one else knows where it is, and we don’t really know how to draw a map for fear of getting it wrong, or perhaps for fear of shining a light on the chaos. It’s a discussion (or argument) we can ultimately only really reconcile by ourselves, and yes I’m aware of all the help available, but nobody else can walk this path for you, all they can do is signpost and reference their own journey (and if they’re an ‘expert’ on any kind of mental state that they’ve never actually experienced then their textbook-expertise isn’t worth shit.) It’s not just about how you talk to yourself but how that language reflects the world around you and your interaction with it. For me I find peace in nature, in a small but increasingly important group of relationships, and in creating, because they are all ever-changing and so engaging in this way allows me to experience all the myriad different elements of the Self. I don’t find peace in the words of (or endless conversations with) other people so much these days, unless it’s art. Still, one day (after a lot of difficult years) I noticed how the internal voices have changed, how they speak with empathy, kindness and a genuine desire to understand and help. It’s a kind of revelation how quickly the whole world evolves once this happens, how this metamorphosis opens up the world’s symphony once we’ve tuned into, and then properly tuned (with empathy and patience) the sounds echoing in our heads. Maybe I’ll have reached Peak Me when I only converse in poetry ?. That would be such fun to be around eh? Ps – new work`s going up on Patreon later today/tomorrow. #selfhealers #middleyears #selfacceptance

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