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The Power of Connection (part 2)

December 14, 2017

{Notes on the second part of this visual performance poem. To be carried out a few days after part one, only once the threads from that process have faded completely.}

Imagine a connection that is precious to you,
a living being (person, animal, tree)
something animate,
something filled with life.

Now think about why you love that person/animal/tree so much,
::Perhaps they hold cherished memories / or give you love / they make you feel safe::

Picture the memories & emotions you have invested.
In that being and visualise the ways in which they return this, imagine these weaving into one beautiful silver thread spinning
out from your navel to connect with them.
Feel their energy feed back into you like a looping current.

Hold onto that slightly ecstatic feeling.
Twang the thread gently, feel it hummmmmm
Notice the vibratory sensation as your emotions become nerve endings weaving out from different parts of the body into beautiful bright threads reaching out, connecting you to your environment.

This is your attachment to life. You decide where it goes.
You have already decided where it goes & it is beautiful & precious & must be maintained
In order for you to nourish yourself & your heart.

Now, keeping that thread alive, imagine another being
who has equal importance
(this might be your dog, cat, the birds you feed, wild or garden flowers, the trees in your park or woods)
& repeat the exercise.

Do this again
& again
& again

Picture all the threads weaving out from your fingers, palms, ribs, knees, buttocks, eyes, hair.
You might now be reaching the point where you can’t think of any more beings

that’s okay now we can

{{{Further notes: remember to also maintain the connections to all previous beings.}}}

Think of the other live beings in the world you cannot live without: perhaps other forests of trees & plants, birds, bees, butterflies, flowers, think of the plants or animals you eat
imagine the fox, the owl, the  seal, the crow, the hedgehog, the bat, starlings & sparrows
& again spin out your threads to each one as a reminder of your commitment to them.

Now, keeping those threads alive, imagine similar beings that have equal importance & repeat the exercise.
Do this again
& again
& again if you cannot think of any more stand outside & expand your awareness out into the space. Focus on what around you has life-force, has energy; what exists to make your existence possible: the elements, water, rain, earth, sun – now connect to that. Sit with the elements for as long as is comfortable feeling the return vibration of energy and life.

This is your natural connection to the world.

After this, take some time to return to yourself, begin to move about again
go to the toilet have some tea, chat with friends

let the silver threads
slowly fade over the next few hours.

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