minimalism poetry

The Power of Connection (part 1)

December 12, 2017

{Notes on a visual performance poem}

Imagine the object that is most precious to you,
Not a living being (person, animal, tree)
But something inanimate,
Something dead.

Now think about why you love that object so much,
::Perhaps it is a cherished watch / a treasured picture / a hand-crocheted blanket::

Picture the memories & emotions you have invested
In that object, imagine them weaving into one beautiful silver thread spinning
out from your navel to reach it.

Hold onto that slightly ecstatic feeling.
Twang the thread gently, feel it hummmmmm
Notice the vibratory sensation as your emotions become nerve endings weaving out from different parts of the body into beautiful bright threads reaching out, connecting you to your stuff.

This is your attachment to things. You decide where it goes.
You have already decided where it goes & it is beautiful & precious & must be maintained
In order for you to nourish yourself & your heart.

Now, keeping that thread alive, imagine another object
That has equal importance & repeat the process.

Do this again
& again
& again

Picture all the threads weaving out from your fingers, palms, ribs, knees, buttocks, eyes, hair.
You might now be reaching the point where you have no more cherished objects
this is okay, let’s move to the next level of stuff –

{{{Further notes: remember to also maintain the connections to all previous objects.}}}

Think of the stuff you cannot live without: perhaps your house, car, washing machine, fridge, the clothes in your wardrobe
& again spin out your threads to each one as a reminder of your commitment to them.

Now, keeping those threads alive, imagine other objects that have importance & repeat the exercise.
Do this again
& again

& again move now to the stuff you don’t even remember you have the bits around your life you hardly even have time for but that you look after as they are there nonetheless demanding your energy think of photos on your wall or carpets or crystal wine glasses your bed or cutlery or makeup or slippers cast your threads out to them too & finally when you have bright & shining silver threads cast out from all across your body to every object you can think of that holds some meaning or use to you sit for five minutes consciously maintaining that connection.

After this, begin to move about again
allow your awareness to return to the self & let the silver threads
slowly fade over the next few hours.


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