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March 30, 2020

Today I thought I’d open up a Patreon post that details how to make a hand-stitched poetry pamphlet. There’s more than one way to do this of course, but it’s how I made the last two: Hanes, and The Slow-Time Traveller and I love their letterpress covers, tracing paper inserts, and unique designs.

These last few years in the van have brought about some wild and inexplicable personal changes have been about a deep burrowing into self and a need to return to the beginning of things in order to begin to rebuild. Part of this process was the creation of a hand-stitched poetry pamphlet, because it offered the space to remember why I write, what I write for, and the very act of hand-stitching each one feels like a meditation in progress, a way of grounding myself in the language, images and symbolism of the poetry. It is a practice I return to every so often as a reminder that the work is a deeply personal affair that rooted the creation of art and beautiful things.

here’s a link to a step-by-step guide (with photo diary) created during a stay at Lac de Saint-Pardoux, France last year. The print-run is limited on these to 200, I still have a stack to stitch up and these coming weeks looks like the perfect time to do that.

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