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Take a chance…

April 7, 2020

Difficult times can offer the chance for deep reflection. So many people are beginning to question this world we’ve all created, that we all buy into. There’s a feeling of overwhelm at times, that perhaps the individual ‘I’ is so utterly insignificant, that unless we hold important titles, our brains overflowing with knowledge, we should leave it to others to figure the way forward. Then change comes and sits at our table, she looks us directly in the eye, refusing to leave, and we squirm under the weight of her gaze because it is uncomfortable, because she makes us too aware of all the tiny threads we are weaving out into the world. Ignorance is bliss. But we’re not ignorant anymore. We know what we are. We know that change has visited us all because each of us has work to do, not out in the wider world, but here, in our hearts and homes. Perhaps this is the time to map those internal territories. To go deep within. To explore these landscapes that once were hidden and are now revealing themselves to us with the rising sun. #waketheheartup

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