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May 3, 2021

Thank you so much again to everyone who continues to support the book! I’m so delighted. I had also set myself the challenge of reading the book in its entirety throughout May on my InstaTV, but realised quite quickly this isn’t something I have the creative capacity for at this time. A close family member’s health declined rapidly yesterday and I don’t feel I have the focus for so many things just now.
I want to concentrate on spreading the word about this book, and finishing the next two. I have decided to take your requests for an audiobook seriously and so have planned in some studio time for early next month. We will see how this unfolds as I haven’t recorded anything like this before.
I have an event on Clubhouse tomorrow afternoon in the Nature Room. Link in bio for details. I’m also still open to invitations to read for smaller Garden Gatherings of up to 30 people in public outdoor spaces (beach/park/mountain/forest etc..) DM for details.
Thank you for understanding, and for the encouragement.

Text reads:
How long have I been in MediCen? Lengths of time makes no sense in this place. What is a length? It’s as long or short as you imagine or believe, individually, and collectively. An hour is only an hour because we all agree upon it. What happens when some of us begin to intuit the porous nature of this clock-faced-lie? What happens if enough of us have such a disparate experience of time it causes ruptures in the dam of our collective consciousness and the waters begin to trickle out through a crack, CrAckk, a craaackk CRacK cRrraccCK in the lie? What happens if enough of us just stop believing in our current version of time, like a defunct religion or failed cryptocurrency?

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