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Sea swims & cold beach showers

February 17, 2019

Back on Crete. Back to sea swims & cold beach showers; to morning coastal hikes and foraging for inspiration in the mountains, waves & sunsets of this magical place. So much of the writing work has nothing to do with creating in a literal sense, instead it’s about clearing space & believing I have the right to do so; it’s about saying no & not feeling guilty when declining things that will eat into the writing time but won’t add anything to it; it’s also about learning to listen & care more for mind & body so that I am in tune & ready to hear the universe when she gifts words to me. Winter swimming here is nowhere near as harsh as Wales but the process remains the same – I swim until I get that sharp shock of recognition as the mind jolts firmly back into the body making me laugh out loud every time. Afterwards, filled with hot coffee & brunch, the writing begins. Photo by @andyrgarside ?

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