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April 30, 2019

New collaborative piece with @wolfmumma. I have such huge respect for this artist. Her work speaks to the darkness in me, and of our infinite potential to overcome. There is no self-flagellation here, instead she uses art to draw out the shadows we all contain. I respect her bravery & honesty. Her surreal (self)portraits echo those of Frida Kahlo, in that they are an exquisite representation of the pain of growth as we learn to trust, to explore ourselves blindfolded, or begin the long journey of healing the wounds our culture inflicts upon us. I know that some people only want to be shown the light in art & poetry, especially in dark times, but that is not the nature of the work. If there is one word I would raze to the ground it is ‘should’. Let’s never use it when talking about other people, let’s never internalise this word, it leads only to mean thoughts & madness. Let us just create art: taking inspiration from the ruins of yesterday & shaping new dreams for tomorrow.

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