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January 31, 2019

Such sad news to hear concrete poet Childe Roland (Peter Meilleur) passed away this week. He was a genius in every sense of the word: bold, inventive & unapologetic. Approaching poetry & language with an insatiable, child-like inquisitiveness, he plotted elaborate excursions across the vast white expanse of the page, and it was a joy to set out on explorations with him from time to time. Any room became a stage in his presence, and the people in that room, whether aquainted with Peter or not, would be drawn into his spontaneous performances as he transformed them into character or audience, or both. The world was a magical place when I was with Peter, filled with mischief, song, languages & laughter. Conversely, he could be wilfully uncompromising at times but still, he had a way of making a linguistic dance out of even his most contentious statements. This first photo is from around a decade ago at his home in Llangollen where there was always tea, cake & poetry; the second is us reading his work at an event. I am deeply honoured to have known, and been friends with, one of this world’s truly great poets. #poetlife #inspiring #poetry #concretepoetry #inmemory ? @andyrgarside ❤️


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