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Everything you’ve ever dreamed of is on the other side of fear

February 19, 2021


A regret-filled life is nothing to be proud of. Maybe this poem says that in a dark way. Maybe it should be more inspirational & cheery but honestly, there’s nothing cheery about unfulfilled potential. If other people cannot see your vision it doesn’t mean you’re wrong, it’s that they’re not you. Be brave. Whatever it is, just start taking small steps towards it every day. On the days you feel like you’re going backwards (and there will be so many of those) hold to your dream even tighter. On the days when it feels like the world is pushing you in another direction, whisper the names of your dreams over & over, even if you’re left guarding just the tiniest flame don’t let her be blown out by the hot air of others who don’t know. What’s an important life goal to you might seem utterly insignificant to others. This doesn’t mean you’re wrong. You will fail plenty of times before succeeding. Learn from all of this, keep adapting & changing until you get it right. 

I wrote this back in Aug’19 to launch The Slow-Time Traveller, & I’m thinking of it today as I’m on the final draft of the new novel before it goes for copy-editing & proofing. 

Sending new work out into the world is always scary, & I suppose I feel it more so since returning to publishing my own work again these past few years. 

In order to lose the anxiety & stress around publishing, I need complete creative control, & in this case, as it’s a trilogy of novels, it would be difficult to secure a three-book deal. 

I don’t want the pressure of trying for large sales from the off as I think this is more of slow burner that’ll speak to more people as the following two books are birthed into the world.  I wanted to give myself the space in which to follow this creative muse exactly as I imagined her, with no thought for anything else. 

The first in The MthR Trilogy, The Madness of Sarah Mansfield, will be out in May. Some might find the use of the word ‘madness’ to be triggering, but as someone who’s been right to the other side of that & back, I’m trusting people will withhold judgment until they read the book. 

Much love to you – I can’t wait to share these new words with you. 

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