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Crow Woman DEMO

July 4, 2018

We’re creating our lives on the road using the best of hi and low-tech solutions. In this way we try to unfold each day in a process that feel authentic and achievable. A large element of the ‘art-that-is-our-daily-lives’ is still a work in progress. We’re enjoying trialling out different approaches to working and existing more outside of mainstream living, but this smashing together of high-tech and lo-tech solutions feels intuitively right for us and we’ve adopted a number of solutions (such as running all the electrics off our solar panels) that make it possible to live a nomadic life on the road while still earning a living.

I’m beginning to realise how my current artistic practice is mirroring this process: as the immersion into listening to the land continues with the lo-tech approach of listening through dream, myth, stomach, imagination and intuition, I’m also capturing field recordings to weave into spoken word pieces that I then create using Ableton software. I’m self-taught with all the field recording and production kit so everything comes under the heading of DEMO while I’m figuring it all out. But I learn best through doing, and then I hit a wall, or discover a new technique I want to apply that I lack the skills for, which is when I find someone who can help (or YouTube it). Here’s the first DEMO – Crow Woman over on Soundcloud.

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