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An intentional year

December 31, 2020

I’ve been thinking long and hard about the intention for this coming year, I’ve chased it under skeletal winter hedgerows, across undulating hills that gently magnify all the hidden shadows of the mind, and in the needly-ice-cold of winter swims.

This morning, during a glorious hour of silence with @workingsilence I found this triad: syncretism, symbiosis, symbolism. Ah! This makes perfect sense! I will hold these words in my heart all year, seek out their embodiment with every step.

Only there is also the unspoken fourth dimension to this: &. This is the universe at work, the simple word from which everything evolves, the symbol holding everything together, the sound that prevents inertia and stagnation. This is the name of the goddess.

And so I will continue to celebrate ‘&’, this simple connective squiggle that makes all creation possible.

Text reads:
Intention for the year ahead

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