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A life of intention

January 5, 2021

I felt quiet disempowered at times last year as an artist, waiting for others to validate my work. This is because I stepped into ego – I became attached to wanting certain things to be a certain way instead of focussing on creating the work and having faith it would find the right way out into the world. The solstice actioned the final shift away from this way of creating – this is my life of intention, I take responsibility for my dreams. So of course I wrote a poem about it. #poetlife #sophiemckeand text reads:

A life of intention

I am at peace
Learning to flow
To know when the body
holds tight to grief

If I allow vulnerability
If I let my heart open to joy
I become fluid
Attached to no outcome
No pride can claim me

I watch the sun rise
And know that this gentle becoming
Is also a ball of fire catapulting
through space
That this soft Earth is also
Ancient spiralling rock

My time here is as insignificant
Or precious as I determine

This life hold no meaning
Except that I intend

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