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Swan selfie

April 25, 2019

Went swimming with swans for the first time today (can’t believe it took coming to Slovenia for this to happen!). At first I was a bit nervous especially as some swans seemed slightly confrontational. Sitting on the jetty I calmed the heart by swirling hands and feet in the icy river. As soon as the swans realised I was getting in the water their attitude change from one of ‘stay away’ to reserved curiosity. As I swam in circles, more swans gathered to watch this strange being bobbing around. I didn’t invade their space – just let myself swim and enjoyed sharing this moment with new friends. I’ve always loved the story of the ugly duckling who transforms into a swan. I have a swan tattooed on my arm for this reason. I think we’re all ugly ducklings when we try to fit with the wrong crowd, or when we allow other people’s perceptions to shape who we are. They don’t know what’s on the inside – only we do. Which means that we can only really transform into the swan when we step away from the judgement of others and allow ourselves to become what our hearts already know we are.

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