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Olive tree country!

October 11, 2018


We’re now in olive tree country! So many around here. This is what the olive trees spoke to me of today: I love olives and eat so many of them, but I’ll let you into a secret: I used to hate them. Honestly, I thought they tasted horrible, but I really wanted to like them because they’re in so many Mediterranean dishes I like. So I ate them anyway – all the time. I would order olives with everything; buy more from markets. Now I love them, because I wanted to. So much of what we do is predetermined by factors out of our control such as a fear of deep water being passed down through generations. You can either let that fear shape you, or you can learn to swim. It’s all a choice. Step away from ‘I can’t’ ‘I don’t’ ‘ I’m not’ and into: fuck it, how cool would it be if I could/did/was. And once we realise how many things are actually in our control, we understand, that to a quite a large degree, we shape our own reality. The trick is to start with smaller things, like eating olives, and grow this mindset until you can apply it to any situation. #dailyconnectionwithnature #idreamwithtrees

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