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Learning to know the trees

July 8, 2021

Long summer evenings are light as butterfly wings. Even late in the day, the sun rides high in an impossibly blue sky. The trees here do not know me, but there is time, and the will to bring my open heart so that a dialogue might begin. I’ve had difficult first meetings with some trees (Ae forest) but then in later days had some of the most spiritual experiences of my life in those very same places. Those of us who know better are doing better and that’s what matters. No thing is irreparable if the intention is right, if enough care is given.

The trails here in the Scottish borderlands are unbelievably quiet and we wonder out loud why north Wales had become so busy and yet these almost identical lands feel practically deserted.

We hike and bike these rolling hills, thoughts spilling out across landscapes, and grin at the utter magnificence of it all, the joyful simplicity of a perfect day.

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