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How deep does this go?

October 19, 2020

Is it ok to admit that I am afraid? That even as so many people feel able to share their connections with trees and the land, even as I now have also found the courage to speak about my own connections, I feel a certain amount of fear. This fear doesn’t come from being called mad, I left that place a long time ago, more these days I’m afraid of how deep the connection goes, that some days I could tumble into it and never return, like the people in old tales who visit the lands of the fair folk and even though they’ve only been there for a day, when they return to our lands a hundred years have passed. This is when I root life in the practical, in knitting and swimming, in hiking and cooking, but also in the writing – fiction and poetry allow me to translate these experiences in their purest form, imagine words from the unspoken, create a dialogue of truth.

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