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Discovering Iris

May 13, 2019

The bright yellow flower on the lakeside here is yellow flag Iris. If you follow my Stories you’ll know of the unexpected connections & revelations concerning her. I’ve put that sequence in a saved story sequence, Iris Dreams, on Instagram.

Twice this year Iris has shown up to teach – the first time was on Crete a few months ago. Slow Time is working her magic. I want to clarify something though – in the stories I write ‘this is so significant for me because I found this learning, or she found me, naturally, organically, authentically.’ And then, ‘Now I have to learn everything I can about Iris.’

The first part of this is correct but I have to be honest about the second, the learning. I will not go and hunt out everything there is to know about Iris, I will not start planting her and seeking her out to dream with her more. Why? Because then I have changed the dynamic from one where I am in synch with the land and what she has to teach, to one where I have begun to take control of the learning. As my ego steps in, this specific, inexplicable and tentative connection to the land will softly dissipate and I will not even notice. So I will do some light research, and then life will continue as before: following my heart, being open, and most importantly, not being in control.

A Google hunt offers some lovely thoughts on Iris. The most popular is that Iris’s roots are in Greek mythology: The Greek word Iris means, rainbow. The plant of Iris is named after the goddess Iris because of its beauty and because of the varied colors in the flowers of this genus. In Greek legends and mythology, the goddess Iris was the messenger who traveled on the rainbow between the lands of humans and the gods. The flower of Iris implies a message and a promise of hope. The meaning of this flower is often associated with valour and wisdom.

I hope the paths of Iris & I cross again in the future, I truly believe they will, but it is not for me to make this decision; I am leaving my learning firmly with the land.

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