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Some thoughts on change

June 22, 2020

I haven’t been posting on here so much lately, & it feels as if I’ll be posting less now as the months roll on. Originally I set up this account, and the OUTSIDER Instagram to document our shift from a settled life stuffed full of overwork & fast-paced living, to a more minimalist, slow, migratory way of living. That was thirty months ago. I cannot believe how quickly the time has flowed around us & we have felt like a tiny boat drawn inexorably onwards. The days since making this transition have been some of the best, & toughest, of my life, as we’ve navigated new ways of being with each other, & in the world. A huge healing process has taken place, I am not the woman I was, & throughout all of this I’ve been writing, dreaming, creating… This is now central to who I am. It always was really, just that I allowed my true Self to become marginalised by the demands of our culture. This deeper understanding has revealed how I want to create, & what I will create, but along with that is another shift – I no longer want to share such a large part of my life in this way. I’ll keep Instagram and the blog going as they’re fun & a lovely way to connect, but they’re not the work, the work is the novel, and the ones that will follow. This much I’m certain of now. The only other thing I’m certain of is change. These first 30 months of vanlife have brought about unforeseen metamorphosis in my life so that I know this alterative way of living is the absolute right one for the foreseeable future, & the man I share my life and dreams with feels the same. Everything is swimming along beautifully & I am the luckiest person alive to be able to live my life in this way, surrounded by nature, creativity, & love. I hope my sharings have brought some inspiration; I really hope they’ve encouraged people to look more closely at, & question, what is being demanded by our rapacious culture; I hope it’s helped towards the alternative narrative being written by more of us these days that there is more than one way to live & it is OK to prioritise happiness, self-healing and peace. Much love and hope to see you on the road sometime ✌?? ? @happy_female_traveler

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