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Visiting Hudson’s Garden

July 28, 2019

Photos: Andy Garside
Words: Sophie McKeand

Hudson’s Garden was a lovely place to visit recently. Our friend Pauline and her pack of huskies are now homebaking and I enjoyed learning the art of folding love into doggie snacks by making them from scratch. Our hounds are not lesser beings, they are as deserving of a good diet as we are, so I loved the chance to learn more about this. 

The key ingredient in this recipe is a helping of dried cleavers which is good for fluid retention, flushing metabolic waste from the lymphatic system & helps detoxify the blood. There’s also natural peanut butter which is a good source of protein (as long as it has no added sweeteners or salt). These biscuits are also vegan (our dogs aren’t vegan – they have a fish-based diet). More pet owners are becoming aware of the awful, low-grade content of some dog foods these days, so I think home baked doggy treats like these offer a real alternative. Kit & Bonnie loved them, so that’s definitely a good start. Kit will eat everything but Bonnie turns her nose up at vegan cheese – she won’t touch it.

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