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December 25, 2018


Christmas brunch

It’s 11am here on Crete. Lazy seaside breakfast of local, pan-roasted chestnuts, figs, dates, tangerines, coffee, and OJ with some Xmas fizz ☺️. Didn’t imagine I’d ever do this for Xmas. When I was 20 my beautiful daughter was born and from then I always cooked the family festive meal. It changed over the years with different family members and friends joining us. I’d cook for between six and twelve people and enjoyed finding local produce: we’re vegetarians now (mostly vegan) but back then we got our turkey from Rhug Farm Estate in Corwen because I wanted to know the turkey had a happy life before we ate it and didn’t mind paying more for that. Nowadays I’d just rather turkeys have long, happy lives. Anyway – people move on, children grow up, and perhaps we’ve realised that now it’s ok to be a bit selfish sometimes and disappear off for the holidays. It’s ok to want time for yourself away from the madness of it all. I used to set the alarm for 6am and stagger downstairs to switch the oven on. Then I’d be in the kitchen solid until dinner was served at 2pm. They are some of my most treasured memories, but nothing stays the same. I’ll still be in the kitchen all day today – but only because the van step I’m sitting on to bask in the sunshine is also in the kitchen 🙈. Hope you all have the day you want today – whether it’s a huge party or a quiet home-on-wheels beach affair like ours.

Christmas dinner

Vanlife Xmas with this awesome man. Our first vegan Xmas dinner, cooked together (see Instagram highlighted stories). Pan-fried nut roast patties, mushroom gravy, carrot & sweet potato mash + steamed broccoli. Took all day to make on two gas rings. Simple food, mostly local ingredients: slow food, happy days. Hope your dinner was just as tasty.

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