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March 22, 2019

This week the moon illuminated something I’d already known for a long time, it was just hidden under the surface: I am learning to eat out of love for my body, instead of hatred, or worse, indifference. This is a huge revelation. I ask my stomach (instead of my head) ‘what would we like today?’ I say to my body, ‘I love you and want to look after you’. I’ve been reading more about Body Positivity and am trying to think kindly towards myself even when I am shoving a family size bag of cheese puffs down my face. I do yoga to check in with myself and cannot function well these days without giving my body the care and attention she deserves – so when I approach my food in this way (instead of like some crazy jail warden) it feels like everything’s slowly falling into place, and I naturally gravitate towards foods that are good for me. This Intuitive approach is not quick-fix, and there’s lots of circles, but I realise that avoiding alcohol and gluten and eating a plant based diet is what makes me feel good, and this is what matters. This breakfast of spiced poached apples with sultanas, tahini, liquid sugar & walnuts, with mountain herb tea was delicious. I feel so much better. #selflove #selfcare #bodypositive

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