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The ethics of food

February 3, 2021

I did have a good vent the other day ? so in the name of balance I wanted to celebrate our first eggs since October. And oh my! They were delicious. Our grandson, Arthur, has some pet hens and a happy bi-product of this is the eggs they lay. He’s so delighted with the eggs from his hennies.

That means I’m not a strict vegan, and I’m open about this because I feel it’s important that dogma doesn’t take precedent over common sense where anything’s concerned. Does this make me a hypocrite? Perhaps those who’re determined to misunderstand or misrepresent me might say so, but I’m ok with that.

I eat these eggs because these hens live a happy life wandering about the farm all day. They’re penned in at night to protect them from foxes. When they get too old to lay they’ll still be here scratching around the yard. Their life isn’t dependent upon their productivity (they don’t live in false conditions that make them lay over winter) and so ethically I’m happy to eat these eggs, and let’s be honest this isn’t a chore as my gods they’re delicious!

I suppose for me, it’s about agency as much as animal welfare. It matter to me not just that an animal had a good life, but that an animal was able to enjoy a long life with dignity, mutual respect and love.

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