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Sea cliff foraging

December 28, 2018

We will stay on Crete for two months. After some days of folding into myself it is time to explore more, to fold outwards, to map this place across feet & stomach & heart. This morning, foraging along rocky coastlines with a friend I am introduced to sea fennel (I’ve since learned that this is samphire!) and wild thyme. Samphire is a revelation – a burst in the mouth, fresh and slightly sharp like lemon with salt, and a gentle aniseed aftertaste. Thyme is my favourite herb – she grows in abundance all across this island and will feature in much of my cooking while here. #foraging

Earlier foraging finds transformed into today’s meal: front is rice, thyme, roasted chestnuts & pomegranate; back is tomato, samphire, olive oil, salt, pepper. Andy’s making peppers stuffed with feta and things to go with it. #foraging #herbs #freshflavours #pomegranate #seafennel #momentsofmine #lifeisart #vanlifeeurope #amcreating #homeiswhereyouparkit #plantbased #aspiringvegan #vanlife #vanfood

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