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One year vanniversary

November 24, 2018

Celebrating our one year vanniversary with fluffy cinnamon pumpkin pancakes for brunch before heading to see an exhibition in Florence. Can’t believe it was one year ago (yesterday) we gave back the keys to our rented house and hit the road full time. It’s been a crazy twelve months filled with so many laughs and tears I don’t even know where to begin. It has made us really see each other and focus on getting to know each other again. We’ve had to work at everything – slowly chipping away the crap that comfortable living allowed us to fold around ourselves. There’s nowhere to hide in the van, from each other, or from ourselves. We can’t hide in routine or workaholism. We have to just show up every day and make it work because we believe we can. This life is definitely not for everyone, and if I’m honest, sometimes, when things go wrong, I question if it’s even for us. But this new way of seeing the world is changing me in ways I’d never imagined. This time last year did I dream that in one year’s time I’d be holed up Tuscany writing this? Did I think that our mountainbikes would have been stolen? That I’d finally finish the novel? That Andy and I would feel closer than ever? That all his camera gear and laptop would have been taken? That so many friends would show up to support us when we were down? I suppose what I realise is that by radically changing our lives we’ve opened ourselves up to more potential – good and bad, and what we choose to make of it is entirely our decision. We just have to keep showing up every day, believing we can do it. #pancakes #pumpkinpancakes #tinyliving #minimalistliving #alternativeliving #livingsmall #ontheroad #vanlife #vanniversary #fulltimevanlife #liveauthentic #slowlife #slowliving #together #vanlifeeurope #homeiswhereyouparkit #lovehim #foodie #autumnfood #homeonwheels #alternativelifestyle #poetlife

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