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My best hummus recipe (and what to do with it)

October 27, 2019

I love hummus, and over the years I’ve made so many different versions: plain, extra lemony, with chilli or red pepper or sundried tomatoes, without garlic, but this month I’ve finally hit on, what I feel, is my absolute best recipe for hummus and it’s so delicious I’m sharing it here:


1 cup dried chickpeas soaked overnight then boiled in a large pan of water until soft. I have a large plastic container with a watertight lid so that I can soak the chickpeas in the van without spillages.
1 lemon (juice of)
1 tsp salt
1 tsp paprika
1 tsp coriander powder
½ tsp cumin powder
1 small (or ½ large) clove of garlic grated in the small side of the grater. 
1 tblsp tahini (or peanut butter or nut butter if you have those instead). 
2 tblsp good olive oil.
¼ cup water. 

Once chickpeas have cooked, drain them and put them back in the pan to cool. Next add all the other ingredients except the water and begin to mash with a potato masher. I don’t have a food processor in the van, you could use one, but I really love the more rustic texture from hand mashing, keep stirring and mashing, if it feels a bit dry add a couple of tablespoons of water. Keep adding water intermittently until you get the consistency you like. And that’s it! 

Here’s one of my favourite ways to eat hummus:

Pan roast veg. In this case I’ve got butternut squash and broccoli, but any veg you fancy will do. Pile in a bowl, add hummus, then top with toasted nuts and seeds. In this pic I’ve toasted pumpkin seeds in a hot pan with some cumin seeds, then added salt and sugar just to caramelise them and give some crunch to the dish. Delicious. 

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