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Moroccan mint tea

December 29, 2018


Moroccan mint tea is my absolute favourite. Mint for the digestive system, green tea to give a gentle lift. When I met a Moroccan woman a while ago she taught me to make it properly with both fresh and dried mint: in a tea infuser put green tea, dried mint and fresh mint; leave for a few minutes then remove and drink. Utterly delicious. These dried mint leaves (bottom left) are from Andy’s parent’s garden in Wales, and the green tea was a gift from a Welsh friend who has moved to China. Both these ingredients are running low and my mint plant is currently out of season so I make tea with these ingredients on special occasions when I want to create a moment outside of normal time to stop, think, and appreciate. Yesterday I made this before doing yoga for the first time in months. I thought I would just do the first 10mins of a thirty minute sequence to get me going but ended up doing it all. Feels good. Perhaps creating small ceremonies like this helps. At the very least I had delicious tea. #minttea #moroccanminttea #greentea #ceremony #create #amcreating #buylesslivemore #minimalism #tea #tealover #vanlifeeurope #momentsofmine #liveauthentic #homeiswhereyouparkit #vanlifediaries #lifeisart

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