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September 9, 2019

I’ve had a continual love-hate relationship with social media over the years. A couple of years ago I deleted Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Then when we hit the road I set up this new OUTSIDER Instagram account because I wanted to document these experiences. I’d thought to put it all in a book but as there’s no end date to these travelling days I didn’t know where the book should finish. I’ve preferred using Instagram/blog/Patreon instead. Maybe it’s less polished, but it feels a more real and accurate representation. Anyway! Instagram has proven to be a quite wonderful way of connecting with creative, inspiring women across Europe who I’d never have met otherwise. As I’ve spent these last few years on the road creating & doing the shadow-work these beacons of creativity have begun to appear. I’m aware of my imperfections, and still have a lot of work to do, but as I figure the hard stuff out and evolve, so the laws of mutual attraction & respect pull me towards others who are doing the same. It’s quite a beautiful, organic process. Yesterday was glorious & sunny, filled with shared vegan food & conversations with new friends by a lake (who is an old friend) and I feel a deep sense of gratitude that life in unfolding so beautifully in this way. Food pictured (for those interested) is: shawarma made from textured protein – Christina made this, it’s a revelation! with tahini dressing & hummus. I made falafel, winter slaw, tomato salad, and flat breads. The showstopper was absolutely Christina’s vegan raspberry & lemon cake with frosting. Utterly divine!

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