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Give me…

July 1, 2021

Give me filthy-faced grandchildren slurping fat cherries with thick dirt slicked beneath fingernails. 

Give me time spooling generously out across a long summer evening of push-bike races & hen chases & lazy hounds’s sleepy faces. 

Give me bowls of fragrant lemon & fresh coriander rice, earth-dark kidney beans spiced with the stomach-deep-warmth of cumin & paprika; lip-smacking bursts of tiny-fresh tomatoes with diced, sharp-tongued red onion & a bright cider vinegar tumbled into bowls along with juicy-sweet pan-charred peppers demanding to be dunked in glorious, thick, lemony guacamole. 

Give me the subtlety to welcome each of these moments with gratitude.

Give me the heart to embrace each day of creation with unselfish intention & love. 

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