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Croatian Christmas markets

December 19, 2018


Croatian markets filled with seasonal fruits. Oh my! A pomegranate the size of my head, super fresh clementines & lemons, hot chestnuts, the most succulent figs and carob(the long brown pods) which I’ve never eaten like this before – you just bite of a chunk and chew. Tastes slightly chocolatey and a bit like coffee – I’ve used the flour before as a cocoa substitute as it’s rich in protein & vitamins. Anyway – now it definitely feels like the holidays 🎄❄️❤️🌟🎉 (also love how Croatia doesn’t have huge amounts of Xmas tat everywhere).

When we got back to the van I put all the things I bought at the Croatian market today, along with some things gifted by some lovely people we met along the road, in a bowl with some quinoa: quinoa, garlic, lemon juice, parsley, chopped roasted chestnuts, chopped walnuts, dried figs, pomegranate, salt, pepper, olive oil. A tasty experiment 😋

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