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The unnameable essence of being

April 15, 2021

I am so in love with my body right now I want to swim in every glorious moment, feel it visceral and wild against skin.

Yesterday I blasted uphill fireroads on the bike, lungs sucking in mouthfuls of spring, forest air. Then long swooping singletrack descents had me stood on pedals until the fronts of thighs burned like crazy, eyes focussed on the trail ahead. Slowly I’m remembering how to ride, the movement of body with bike, muscle memory calling me home to myself.

The previous day, thoughts rooted in a deep section of shallow stream near the trail’s end, so I stuffed a couple of micro towels into the backpack just in case.
The coldest water I’ve ever swam in? Or was the switch from hot-cycling to icy-mountain-river almost too giant a leap?
Lying there naked, even for a brief time, was both a challenge and thrill as the bitterly cold water tumbled over me.
A heavy, dull numbness in hands signalled exit time, and I stood drying on rocks, clapping hands to bring back feeling, shaking out limbs and wet hair; body vibrating with poetry, with the unnameable essence of being.
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