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Figuring out the language of my body

June 20, 2021

Figuring out the language of my body is a lifetime’s work. Does anybody else feel they’re balancing so many elements – like keeping a very long line of plates spinning? And I drop them, sometimes a lot of them, even if less often these days.

I write often about self-directed learning because this is the pathway into understanding that resonates most strongly, especially so with my body.
Maybe this is a ridiculous approach because there’s so much to learn from others. The problem I have is that when I follow the lead of others it takes my away from the worth of my Self & so I don’t always understand why something has worked, or not, and if that’s the case, if I don’t fully know in my bones why a method of healing has a positive (or negative) effect, then I honestly can’t feel that it fully works for me.

Kung Fu and Yoga are good examples of this. Kung Fu opened doors in my mind that I wasn’t ready to work with, and with Yoga I felt like a child attempting to read and understand the Mahābhārata as it wrote itself across my body. Even the most basic elements were too much. I felt overloaded, overwhelmed.

So this year I returned only to the most simplest workings with me body – to swimming, mountain bikes, surf and hikes; to reacquainting myself with posture and growing a deep connection with the breath; to developing an awareness of the natural surroundings as body & mind navigate these sacred places; to learning what I need for nourishment – both physical and spiritual; and to putting firm emotional boundaries in place while also finding the courage to speak my needs clearly.

A few years ago I attended a plant spirit event and discovered that healing was a path for me, which was a great surprise and I nearly laughed out loud. At no point have I ever thought of healing as my calling, but as time flows I’ve come to realise there’s many forms of healing, many ways to change and grow, and that understanding & healing the Self is a great act of love accomplished in service to the Earth.

Photo taken last year in Switzerland after 8 months completely vegan-straight-edge + Portuguese sunrise surfs. The best I’d felt physically and spiritually in a long time.

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