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The Remembering

February 9, 2021

This last week has been emotional. No matter how much work we do on ourselves there’s always the part where we then move back into the world of other people, and it’s daunting. 

Vanlife for me has been a huge opportunity to hit the reset button: on how I work, how I live, and how I connect with people. It begins with healing the Self, and as that process deepens it allows us to being the work with those closest to us: partners, children, parents etc; then perhaps it ripples out again to a wider circle of family and close friends (this order will be different for everyone of course). 

The strangest thing I’ve found with healing isn’t that it allows us to just be all peace & love (although there’s a lot more of that which is great ❤️), it’s that it allows us to have the difficult conversations we were too scared or embattled or wobbly to have in the past. 

Healing isn’t a linear process, even less so when other people are involved because everyone’s working to their own rhythms and cycles and plenty of those are also off kilter. But interestingly, as we heal, our capacity for empathy grows – we’ve faced the demons in ourself and so are less afraid of the demons of others because we know what that is, we know how it works, and we know that at the heart of every single human is a bright and pure and joyful light.

Many of us have forgotten this, but some of us are beginning to dream again, and when any individual begins to take part in this Remembering of who we are, they light a spark of recognition in those around them, who then also want to find their light. 

It’s not easy. We’ve spent so long forgetting, so  many layers of guilt and shame and insecurities manifesting as awful behaviour to each other, and towards the Earth. 

But in the same way the Earth always knows how to heal herself, so do we. And it doesn’t need any great powerful political manifesto it just needs all of us individually, and therefore together, doing the work to heal.

I have my fair share of emotional crutches, I know we all do. And I realise Social Media has been one of them. This isn’t a bad thing – it’s a tool that helped me through some big transitions. Blogging everyday helped me to map out thoughts, and I love the connectivity on here. But I also realise that it’s time to moderate this use, mainly because I’m publishing my novel this spring and want to put my full focus in that space. 

This sci-fi novel is the first in a trilogy, it’s about the deep complexities of relationships between womxn, with our past & future, with technology and with the land. I will be sharing more about that on here over the coming months and hope you’ll enjoy coming along on the journey with me. Much love ?

? Andy Garside ?

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