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The cycle of family continues

May 26, 2021

The cycle of family continues – people pass on and we miss them, mourn them, celebrate every beautiful thing they taught us. Then we turn around and the next generation are shining bright beside us.

On Friday we will celebrate my father’s life as the family gathers to say goodbye, and today was the first time we hugged our new granddaughter, Hilda since she was born five months ago. Taking grandson Arthur for a spin on the bike we bought him last year suddenly has so much more meaning – all the tiny moments collect like seashells or are shored up in the memory like grains of sand. I don’t want to forget one single detail – even as I accept the impossibility of this dream.

I suppose that’s reason enough to just keep on creating as many beautiful moments as possible – I’m aiming for a shining great mountain of memories.

Photos by @andyrgarside and ???

(Also yes I did chop all my hair off this week – needed a change – see last photo.)

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