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Hibernation time

October 16, 2020

Here we are stationary after managing to avoid the worst of lockdown or restrictions all year. It’s been a strange six weeks with two of them in quarantine in a house (house life is NOT for me anymore no matter how beautiful) and then a week stationary in the van as she failed the MOT. One of the things vanlife teaches is how to let go of expectation, that as soon as we begin to make Big Plans the universe throws in a reminder that that’s not how we live anymore. I’ve re-learned a valuable lesson this week – that I get more anxious when my ego bounces up against reality, when what I want to happen isn’t going to happen exactly as-and-when I want because … well because L I F E happens. It’s a fine balance between having the courage to live my own life and not be swayed by other’s interpretations of either my life or their own, but also learning to let go a little, to step back and take a breath, to have faith in the process this travelling life is teaching. We have this beautiful space on private land that doesn’t flood, with water actually ‘on tap’ and today we’ll hook up to mains electricity for the first time in nearly three years. Another thing vanlife teaches is an immense gratitude for the simple things that perhaps I used to take for granted. It’s humbling, in the best possible way… and my word! Am I grateful that Andy fitted a diesel heater last summer. Folding into this tiny space for the autumn/winter will be a different kind of adventure, a slow-living hibernation; a beautiful weaving of family threads. ? ????.

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