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Breaking it down

October 24, 2020

Lazy van mornings. Cooking breakfast for the hounds. Being back in Wales is making lockdown more real, perhaps because we’re more tuned into the cultural thinking here. Half of me feels totally disassociated from it all, the other half feels as if I’m absorbing too much of the worry and the anger and the stress. This can lead to catastrophising about future things I have no control over. When this happens I have a series of questions to ask myself: do I have what I need for today/this week? Is the van safe and do we have enough food/water/power? Can I go for a walk? Is my relationship a happy one? Do we support each other to be our best selves? Are our children and grandchildren safe and well? Do I have the creative space to write what I need?
I can honestly answer yes to all of this, and I know that I cannot change the world, so when the world becomes too much I focus on nourishing this tiny bit of it, of bringing warmth and love into the moments of these days. #vanlife #vanlifers #homeiswhereyouparkit

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