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A celebration of life

May 28, 2021

We didn’t want to wear black for dad’s service today – it felt too somber, too sad when a celebration of his life is what we had planned. 

We had a non-religious gathering and a wonderful celebrant who took great care to share dad’s life and triumphs. 

We played songs by Fleetwood Mac and the Welsh Male Voice Choir, as well as Imagine by John Lennon. My sister Faye spoke with great heart about dad’s ability to be ‘the rising tide that lifts all boats’ and help so many people around him. I read my poem about a day chopping logs together, and Mary Oliver’s Wild Geese was also read as it reminds us of dad’s deep love for nature and the environment. 

Now dad’s returned to the earth who called him back to his ‘place in the family of things’, and we return to our slow life on the road. 

Goodbye dad, thank you for all the wonderful memories, and the gentleness you always taught me to hold in my heart. 

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