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On saltwater silhouettes & sunsets

October 14, 2019

On saltwater silhouettes & sunsets: you spend the morning surfing, although you haven’t yet mastered the standing up part; in the afternoon, hiding in the van from 28°C heat with all doors flung open, you write beneath a pile of snoozing, damp hounds. In the evening you hike down the cliffs to watch the silhouettes of surfers & paragliders in the saltwater sunset. Around you people carry on with their day: children shimmer in white-frothed waves, the thud thud as…

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the art of beginnings

October 14, 2019

We’re learning to surf this winter as we slow travel westwards along the northern Spanish coast. Our first foray into the Atlantic waves was San Sebastián in the Basque Country where great barrelling waves thundered us into the shore either on or off the surfboard beneath the deepest of blue skies. I’m writing this today from Sopela a smaller town about two hours west where the waves are as bright (if not as bold), but the parking is easier. The…

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The Fourth Wave

October 14, 2019

Sophie McKeand as one voice in an ocean, she holds no power you shape her, fold wave / within wave.  when contained by hydro-dams, or stifled in water butts her energy is stagnated potential   sluiced through the gutter press & out into a wild night                her mouth is wicked you source her surface for erotic inspiration hold her accountable for awkward erections pressure memories underground  until the earth                               frAct/ures               once she was a goddess  formless / in form, your ancestors worshipped her   free  & unfettered.…

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Surfing in San Sebastián

October 7, 2019

We’ve reached the Atlantic! The pure energy of this unfathomably huge body of water is powering into dreams and I cannot wait to learn to surf her waves this winter. We’re still embracing slow travel, frugal living, & minimalism, so our total spend for a half-day’s surfing for two in San Sebastián is: €3.10 on an all-day carpark ticket, €2.50 on board wax and €1.25 on a loaf of bread. The waves are free! The smiles are free! The beach…

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Skinny dipping at 1850m (Andorra)

September 26, 2019

you have been steadily ascending a hike of the Valle del Madriu Perafita Claror for a few hours. The sun is a peach roasting slowly in azure skies. You stop for a break, rest weary feet; the hounds wade and drink. Deep in your being there is an urge to swim. You ignore it. Drink coffee. Eat cake. Still it is there – the need to feel that glacial-cold water on bare skin. You have no swimming costume or towel…

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translating the blessings of the trees

September 14, 2019

It was a honour to create a ring ceremony for the wedding of two friends in Bute Park, Cardiff this summer. Aidan and Darren both spend a lot of time in the park, the place was instrumental in the early years of their relationship coming together, so it made sense to affirm their love for each other there. I know the trees of Bute Park, I’ve sat with them, dreamed with them, held heart & mind still with them, and…

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responsible vanlife

July 31, 2019

Wanted to give a shout out here to all the van lifers working at living responsibly on the road. It’s great to see people trying to live ethical lives & sharing these ideas for us all to try. I’ve been living full time in this self-converted Mercedes Sprinter van with my partner @andyrgarside & our two rescue van hounds since November 2017. We’ve definitely improved our eco-approach to life on the road as time rolls by. From the beginning we…

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swimming in the shallows

July 30, 2019

Sometimes it’s the simplest thing. A hot day, a too-shallow river; and then a slight bend where the water deepens so that I can swim in circles. Start by pushing up into the current, then flip on my back to be swirled like an autumn leaf downstream, when I hit the bend flip again to power upstream, then flip to shimmy down; repeat, repeat, repeat; smile, grin, smile. 📷 @andyrgarside 🐟💙💦 …

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