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four bodies

August 13, 2019

Walking the borderlands of England / Cymru for Y Mers project with Mark Daman Thomas @farmhandle. Thinking what it means to belong to a place, to be accepted into the old ways, & maybe how the new generations are shapeshifting traditions across time & space.  …

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burn all the flags

July 29, 2019

Sophie McKeand Often I can only get at the truth of a thing by writing it down as poetry. It’s how I understand my heart, how I translate the world so that things makes sense. Sometimes all that happens is that certain contradictions become more pronounced. What can I say about it except that the truth of a thing contains its opposite? How else could anything exist?…

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Dark Mountain 10th anniversary

July 17, 2019

Sophie McKeand The world is a beautiful, unfathomable being; an eternally shapeshifting spirit; a guide everybody can connect with on their life journey. We do not need wise men, religions or spiritual guides, we just need to be prepared to put the work in to understand our Selves on a deep & meaningful level. This means complete honesty about our situation. This means facing our shadows. This means manifesting joy even in our darkest hours. Our creativity is a gift…

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children of gods

July 14, 2019

Words & image: Sophie McKeand We greeted the children of gods with operatic indifference.Having already slaved to make the world right for some time we promised the earth (as if she were ours to gift) & set them to work in call centres & factories & department stores & endless cafe chains & when they finally began to show promise we stacked debt onto shoulders already bowed with overwrought expectation shackled their imagination to the sum total of our experience then…

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The personal vs the political

June 28, 2019

We are travelling more quickly than usual at the moment. As I do this final edit, a heatwave has pushed temperatures to well over 35ºC in central France, which in turn has hurried us north. We have learned to position the van so that the sun shines on the driver’s side where there are no windows and the walls are super-insulated, which also means I can sit on my trusty step in the shade. Today we’re parked under a giant…

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June 17, 2019

Travelling across Europe I am coming to realise how many more cultures exist in the liminal spaces between living people & history books; how many more words & stories grow like weeds in the manicured lawn of western cultural hegemony. I need to learn languages again. I don’t have any except English and Cymraeg (and my Welsh unravels a little more every day I don’t use it); although I can get by in French. I woke thinking of this older…

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Breakup: a tryptic

June 13, 2019

by Sophie McKeand control: when I see you in dreams / your grief is a moon harrying oceans / on black nights I am weather patterns stuttering across the sky / it is exhausting to be shifting in this way // I can no longer be the rivers of your tears / can no longer be the dam or funnel you towards beauty // I have built endless canopies as shelter from this lunar gaze / still, interference weeps like…

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Only a dream can kill a dream

June 1, 2019

Only a dream can kill a dream. How do we wake from the American Dream, the capitalist dream? It’s the dreamers who are prepared to step away from the system, who are not dazzled by it all, who know that we create the world each day anew along with the rising sun & we do it with poetry & song & art all woven into nature; we do it by planting seeds & mending ourselves & sharing & repurposing; we…

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April 2, 2019

Writing a lot of political poems at the moment. At least the current situation offers plenty of creative fodder – depressingly huge amounts of it. conflicted: you offered purpose when I was lost / taught me to dream as cloud formations / enduring incessant rain, I grew tall in the form of pine & when harsh / words & arid ground gripped at feet I became an olive branch // together we mapped landscapes / unfolded across mountains that shifted…

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Can I apply for European citizenship yet?

March 13, 2019

Today we wait to discover how UK MPs will vote on our position in Europe. I can’t believe our political system has descended into this farce. Our van travels are in part a protest against Brexit; travelling and meeting people from all over Europe who are bemused at our current political situation has only cemented my feelings of being utterly depressed over it all. I don’t use this blog to be overly confrontational, preferring instead to let my life speak…

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