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at the boundary of the Self

October 1, 2019

The more I travel and evolve, the more boundaries become apparent. Not just the physical borders traversed, but those that exist in the internal landscape. And a dichotomy arises wherein, as I champion dismantling all physical borders, I am also coming to understand the necessity of having strong personal boundaries. Odd how our species appears to adore things the other way around.  Anyway I cannot get enough of these bright azure European skies that sing of sun-kissed afternoons & swimming…

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When a hummingbird hawk-moth changes everything

September 22, 2019

I wrote this line sometime ago. I was thinking how overwhelming our lives are – there’s so many issues to worry about: on a personal level we care about work, family, money, friends, and all the micro occurrences in our daily lives that we have to deal with; on a wider scale we stress about the environment, recycling the massive amounts of waste we create, war in foreign countries, and the thought that nuclear power might wipe us all out…

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you are becoming

September 17, 2019

I’m learning to let go control. To not have expected outcomes. To let this life evolve as she will. I cannot see how things will transpire, I just know to turn my face to the sun each morning in the hope that she will shine, and if it rains I will celebrate the abundance falling from the sky.…

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