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I stopped listening to advertising and started listening to my body #694

October 31, 2019

My hair is in the best condition lately. It’s been two years getting to this point so I’ll share something with you – I used to wash my curly hair every day with an endless stream of products in an attempt to either tame the curls, or give the curls more bounce, or straighten the curls, or de-frizz the curls, or define the curls, or just make the hair presentable for a workday blah blah blah; and then of course…

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Vanlife mornings

September 19, 2019

Time is more fluid on the road. Some days we are early birds, others we are lounge lizards. Our mornings are not a pristine Instagram photo. We crumple on the bed, drink tea, rise in stages. Hounds stretch & wander & return to snooze. We share last night’s dreams. I do yoga then maybe swim in the mountain river engorged by yesterday’s wild & electric storms that skittered across slate-grey skies. We have returned to bright green landscapes and towering…

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The Slow-Time Traveller is here!

August 7, 2019

Hello friends! I’m so happy to share this image with you today – the front cover of the new poetry pamphlet The Slow-Time Traveller. Andy designs & dreams all the visual art for my work & I love this new piece so much. It speaks of the minimalist, simplicity & beauty of our lives now we’re on the road, as well as of the horizons we keep searching out as we Slow Travel across Europe. The Slow-Time Traveller is created…

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responsible vanlife

July 31, 2019

Wanted to give a shout out here to all the van lifers working at living responsibly on the road. It’s great to see people trying to live ethical lives & sharing these ideas for us all to try. I’ve been living full time in this self-converted Mercedes Sprinter van with my partner @andyrgarside & our two rescue van hounds since November 2017. We’ve definitely improved our eco-approach to life on the road as time rolls by. From the beginning we…

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The essence of radical self-love

July 23, 2019

Radical self-love is something I’ve been working on for a while. It sounds so easy but is one of the most difficult things. Mainly because it is in complete opposition to our narrow, proscriptive, didactic culture where we live according to the rules & expectations of others. Radical self-love is the opposite of ‘doing as you’re told’ or creating legislation for others to adhere to; radical self-love is pure anarchy, and the only way, I believe, to map a way…

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Sunday morning conversations

July 21, 2019

Vanlife mornings are calmer now we have improved our communications. It sounds so simple but living in a tiny space has made us realise how much we didn’t always communicate our needs to each other. This morning is a bit drizzly so I needed to do yoga indoors – in the past I’ve thought this would be taking up too much space so wouldn’t bother. When I told Andy this he said how much he loves me doing yoga in…

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Changing up the morning tea

July 19, 2019

Switching up the morning tea ritual – ditching teabags for good. Maybe it won’t change the world but it will change something. I’m starting to believe more in the power of small, positive changes cascading outwards to become a mighty river of change. A river comprised of the simple coalescing of an infinite number of tiny raindrops of intent. We do not need to plan the course of river, where or how she should appear, we just need to work…

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July 18, 2019

It takes time to settle into a tiny home, to eek out the spaces for art, the corners for multi-purpose storage. Everything must add value to our lives in either a practical or aesthetic way; we have learned to otherwise be harsh in our ejecting of stuff from the van. We rarely buy gifts unless absolutely sure it will be of use or bring joy to a person and we ask for no gifts in return (unless we, or they,…

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Switching to natural cleaners

July 16, 2019

After all the wonderful advice on here recently about natural home-made cleaning products (reasons why I love Instagram #435) I started doing a bit of research and have discovered a home-made fabric/air freshener. Ah! This is a gamechanger if you have damp hounds in confined spaces. I’m still experimenting at the moment but this bottle hold 500ml water. To that I added 2 teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda in which I’d mashed 20drops of grapefruit & 20 drops of lemon…

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Van heating – a gamechanger

July 10, 2019

The heater was fitted this week by Andy – another skill to add our expanding repertoire of ‘things we’ve had to learn on the road’. The elation felt with each accomplishment is indescribable – it’s all about the small victories. So far the weather has dictated much of our travels – we would have stayed longer in Croatia Nov/Dec 2018 but it was becoming unbearably cold in the van so we hot-footed it down to Crete where we stayed for…

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