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Bengali cooking

November 3, 2018

Soon we head north on the overnight train. It was so hot today I only left the apartment briefly this morning. Now I understand why everything stops at noon and doesn’t start up again until 5pm. You’d be mad to stay out in that heat. So instead my wonderful friend cooked us a delicious lunch. She would say it’s just an average lunch but I’ve never had Bengali food like it. Here’s dhal with rice, spiced smoky aubergine, pumpkin, fenugreek…

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Avoiding fast fashion

November 2, 2018

  Been getting better at shopping. I’m not a fan of fast fashion – especially since visiting countries where you know the workers get paid pennies a day to make clothes. Living in the van means I only have limited space for clothes which is great because instead of buying cheap stuff I try to save up and spend a bit more on things that will last. I have a ‘capsule wardrobe’ (or cupboard to be more precise). I still…

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Solo shopping

November 1, 2018

Shopping in Kolkata markets is always fun. This might not sound like much but this evening I went alone into Kolkata to sort some paperwork, then went shopping for a dessert and a few other things. Once you get the hang of how a city works it’s a lot less daunting and I’m enjoying exploring small bit by myself. Although staying with a friend here means I’m given loads of great directions first otherwise I’d have been totally lost. This…

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November 1, 2018

  As it’s Halloween here’s an amazing Kolkata Crow I met today. I was transfixed by them on my last visit to Kolkata, whilst also rereading Ted Hughes’ Crow. There’s something about them that’s utterly compelling. Although this might be a raven – or are the crows just really big here? #crow #halloween #raven #kolkata #india #travel #traveller #exploretocreate #intelligentanimals #black #citylife #citydweller #citycreatures…

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