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Bear hug

July 20, 2019

Spending a lot of time with the women in my family on this return journey. Healing a lot of old wounds. We are a loud & lairy cohort. In the past I’ve both loved & hated this. I’ve tried to run from it; pretended to be someone else. And then there’s this point where I’ve shapeshifted through all of it; evolved away & then back towards myself, towards us. Nobody knows me like these women, nobody has stood up for…

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Queen of Horses

July 8, 2019

Today, on the day the holly king takes over from the oak king to preside over the waning half of the year, our daughter Rhiannon turns 23. I thought to teach her so much about life but really it is she who taught me, about motherhood, about love & friendship. Twenty three years was another life ago. Every day I woke and wanted to be a better person, was inspired by her to fully understand the capacity of love so…

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on woodsmoke & utopias

July 5, 2019

Since being on the road, so many inspiring women have appeared in my life: women with unapologetic wrinkles, women with ‘too-loud’ laughs utterly unashamed to take up space; mothers, grandmothers, aunts (whether literal or in a more metaphorical sense); all creative, earth-focussed women who have appeared like magic to offer friendship or support or just a generous ear; women who are just quietly working away to make their part of the world a better place to be.…

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On being both granddaughter & grandmother

July 2, 2019

Still thinking about grandmothers. About how this age changes a woman. How it has changed me since my grandson Arthur was born (swipe left). These shifts in consciousness feel nothing less than miraculous, & here I exist in this liminal space, being both grandmother & granddaughter. Time stretches out behind & before me like elastic. I can feel it thrum through the centre of my heart. The changes that have happened in the world since nana Ruth was born (see…

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Nana Ruth is my hero

July 1, 2019

This is my nana Ruth. She’ll be 100 in August. I remember childhood days of tearing around Wepre woods & returning exhausted to salads of tinned salmon with a splash of vinegar & custard slices for afters from the bakers at the bottom of the street. My nana is the thrift queen, never buying new clothes, never missing a charity shop bargain; an environmentalist before they were invented (she’d still deny she is one) she puts cheese on a plate…

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That time I fell in love with myself

June 27, 2019

Is there anything better than picnics in the sunshine? I think not. I love this photo Andy took the other day. In the past I’d have frowned at my thick arms and the fact I’m not angling my chin correctly so it’s doubled over; I would have hated the grey streak in my hair & visible lines around the eyes. What a numpty ‘past Sophie’ was! Ah gods if only I could go back in time and tell myself how…

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I take responsibility for who I am

June 11, 2019

Revisiting some earlier sections of OUTSIDER this week before the new Patreon chapter drops on Thursday morning. Back in March 2018 I wrote: I am mother, partner, daughter, step-mother, granddaughter & grandmother, (these last two seem impossible but the five of us span almost a century) and it has taken a long time to see past the guilt of needing more than this, of being more than this. I realise now that I am not solely these things, they are…

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Where the power lies

June 6, 2019

I am learning to listen to my body. It is a dialogue that should have begun years ago. It is a way of communicating I should have been shown from birth. But women are not taught these things by our patriarchal medical system. My body has been conversing with me all this time & I have ignored her, or I didn’t know how to listen, didn’t understand her language. In the past, I drowned her voice out with alcohol &…

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March 28, 2019

Integrity: the supermoon tugs at your womb / self-loathing needles out through the pores of gossamer skin to blossom then / wither in silvered light // in dreams you are visited by foxes that coax the yowling night cats of self-doubt from the holes in your threadbare heart / they exit your soul with joyful abandon but still / you are bereft & hollow without that exquisite gnawing at your belly / without their fussing & clawing behind deadened eyes…

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March 17, 2019

revolution: you were born into a world of knives / this time heals no wounds / your skin is split silk folded into darkness / hair is ocean waves orating from midnight to noon / noon to midnight // where skin ribbons / flowers unfold in painful brilliance / it was always this way: the altar of the new crushes the bones of the old // you are torn & hollow, echoing with the cycles of the moon / flowers…

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