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October 2019

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curried carrots with fresh pomegranate

October 14, 2019

Andy loves cooking with Indian spices and has been experimenting with a Gajar Matar dish. Fresh peas and dried pomegranate (usually found in the dish) are difficult to find all year round on the road so he’s adapted it to just have carrots and stirs fresh pomegranate in at the end for a burst of sweet flavour. Andy’s adapted dish is absolutely delicious and it’s vegan. Served with crispy fried tofu and chapati. for the carrots4 large carrots, diced 1 small…

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The Fourth Wave

October 14, 2019

Sophie McKeand as one voice in an ocean, she holds no power you shape her, fold wave / within wave.  when contained by hydro-dams, or stifled in water butts her energy is stagnated potential   sluiced through the gutter press & out into a wild night                her mouth is wicked you source her surface for erotic inspiration hold her accountable for awkward erections pressure memories underground  until the earth                               frAct/ures               once she was a goddess  formless / in form, your ancestors worshipped her   free  & unfettered.…

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Exploring the old towns (Getaria)

October 11, 2019

Some days we are just new faces pottering around old European towns. We are driftwood, drawn by the ebb & flow of life on the road. Cast ashore in a new space & time, we explore unique & beautiful place with a child’s inquisitiveness (and love for ice lollies/ice cream).…

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Surfing in San Sebastián

October 7, 2019

We’ve reached the Atlantic! The pure energy of this unfathomably huge body of water is powering into dreams and I cannot wait to learn to surf her waves this winter. We’re still embracing slow travel, frugal living, & minimalism, so our total spend for a half-day’s surfing for two in San Sebastián is: €3.10 on an all-day carpark ticket, €2.50 on board wax and €1.25 on a loaf of bread. The waves are free! The smiles are free! The beach…

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Soaring with eagles

October 5, 2019

I am running out of new ways in which to gush about a glorious yellow sun in a deep blue sky. For two days we’ve watched twenty-or-so Spanish Imperial Eagles circle thoughtfully in the skies above Sierra de Guara. Their precise movements are dictated only by the slightest press of a wing ‘finger’ or two into the sky, pulling the body into a tighter arc, then release to swing wider. It is hypnotic, watching these guardians of the air, their…

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The naming of hounds

October 2, 2019

Inspired by a recent post by the utterly wonderful @briannamadia I thought I’d fully introduce our two van hounds with all of the nicknames they’ve accumulated over the past four years since we adopted them. I don’t even know how some of these started, some of them escalated quite quickly, others grew on us over time: First up is Bonnie, the black whippet-x as her repertoire is the more extensive: Bonnie, bean, string-bean, Bonnie-bean, Bonnie-bear, princess Bon-Bon of the waves,…

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