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When things go wrong

November 15, 2018


Absolutely heartbroken. I’m here in India and our van has been broken into in Italy – they’ve taken everything. Even Andy’s laptop, wallet, clothes; our bikes, all my tech gear for performing. Everything. I’m cutting short the work here and flying to meet him Rome tomorrow. We sold everything we own to live in the van and I’ve put everything into this India project. Yes it all looks lovely on Instagram, and it is, but what people don’t see is how hard we’ve had to work and dream to make this life work; how much we’ve sacrificed so that we can do this. The sleepless nights worrying about money and whether or not we can make it to the end of the month aren’t on social media because we chose this life and all the joy and uncertainty it brings. And then someone just comes are strips it away. Completely gutted tonight. Just can’t believe it. #vanlife

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