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Riding out anxiety

August 8, 2018


I wrote in an earlier post this morning about anxiety and how it feels. One of the ways I deal with it is by getting out on my bike. I find interacting with people quite difficult as I often feel misunderstood and to be honest I don’t get where people are coming from with things. I can get hung up on ‘what the fuck did they mean??’ circling round and round a conversation or email for hours examining it from different angles. It’s also why I find it so easy to disconnect from it all. Riding a bike at speed down a mountain means you cannot spend time over-thinking because you’ll stack it into a rock or a tree and be in a lot of pain. You have to focus on that very moment and cannot crawl along worrying about every stone in a berm or gnarly tree root – you have to pick a line and fucking just commit to it; detailed-analysis of the track will have you over the handlebars in minutes. So I take this lesson and apply it in other areas of life: sometimes (not every time but definitely there’s lots of times) you just have to pick a line and commit; ride the bumps, swing round the berms, ignore the small stuff and the distractions, just get to the bottom without stacking it. Then be well chuffed with yourself. Red route at Glentress 7Stanes sorted my head right out today. Thx for pic @andyrgarside ❤. Helmet sticker by the über talented north Walian artist @godsteethillustration. #dailyconnectionwithnature

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