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Top Nine Instapics of 2018

December 11, 2018


Love my #topnine. A reminder of this crazy-amazing year and the promise of more to come. There’s photos here from the U.K., Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. My most travelled year ever. One to tell the grandson about when he gets older – we’ll fill his head with wild tales from abroad and hopefully take him on a few when he gets bigger. Last year I deleted Insta, Twitter & FB as they were becoming a burden instead of a joy, but I missed the connection it can give so set up this new page just after Xmas as a way to document our travels, be inspired by creators across genres and the globe, and to meet other vanlifers. I like Instagram – it’s the antidote for when I get depressed from reading too many news apps. I curate this space specifically so that it’s (mostly) news free and instead follow people who inspire me with their creative energy. It acts as a reminder to me that whatever state the world is in there’s some lovely people still out there trying to live their best life and I take comfort in that. To all the people I follow: thank you for the inspiration and for showing me ways of living I never dreamed possible. And to all the people following me: thank you for taking an interest in my life/art and for your words of encouragement and support as I crash on with this life-experiment (although whose life isn’t?). Big love to Andy and our hounds who make life on the road one giant adventure and who feature in so many of these photos! I wouldn’t want to do it without them. 2018 has been a year of exhilarating highs and punishing lows. It’s been a year when I’ve earned the least amount of money for years (and have virtually no stuff left) and yet it’s been the one I’ve had to work the hardest at – focussing internally, or on relationships, or on evolving as an artist and being brutally honest with myself about what that is. I’m still not sure when 2019 will bring, I just felt that I had to have faith that if I spent this year getting all those things aligned I’ll be ready to create like a motherfucker in 2019. I figure I have to give it everything: to throw every atom of myself into the storm and embrace real, lasting change. What’s the point otherwise? We just gotta keep on keeping on. Much love to you all and hope to see you on the road sometime. S x

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