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Summer solstice at Lac du Saint Pardoux

June 22, 2019

My family have been coming to Lac du Saint Pardoux for over twenty years. I have a deep affinity with this beautiful lake and am loving every step of this weekend reminding me that, in this place I lost my mind & found myself; in this place the landscape came to life in my imagination in a way I would never had said was possible; in this place I asked the trees to help someone I loved dearly & witnessed the magic of their reply. Still, on a more practical level (it is important to keep feet rooted in the ground), be sure to consult a map when hiking these shores, the starfished shape of this lake easily deceives a casual walker into thinking the hike around is not too far, as we discovered over a decade ago when our children were young and we all ended up cycling a 26k loop one day (in the time before Googlemaps). Yesterday we hiked a more modest 19k and towards the end the rain fumbled out of the sky in a deluge, filling my phone with water. It is still refusing to switch on so Iā€™m working from my iPad until it dries out. Regardless of this! If you are ever in the Limousin region of France stop here awhile – hike the hills & surrounding villages, eat a picnic in the trees, swim in the beautiful water. It is a magical, if increasingly popular, place. šŸ“· @andyrgarside šŸ’™šŸ’¦šŸ’§

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